A legal document enables you to appoint someone on behalf of you, whom you empower to take decisions in your absence. Before appointing anyone as your lasting power of attorney, you must be of 18 at least. anyone as In general a lasting power of attorney is two types:

  • One who take decisions about your health and welfare
  • One who take a decision about your finance and property related matters.

What a lasting power of attorney for your health and welfare is authorized to do?

  • Medical care
  • About changing your home care
  • About life-sustaining treatment
  • Daily routine (eat, drink, wear etc.)

What a lasting power of attorney is authorized to do about your financial and property related issues?

  • Bill payments
  • Benefits collections
  • Home selling

Who can be your lasting power of attorney

  • 18+ person
  • Who is capable of making decisions
  • A relative, friend, professional or a close family member
  • he must not be subject to a debt relief order or bankruptcy (in case one wants him to be his lasting power of attorney for finances).

What all decisions you need to take before appointing someone as your lasting power of attorney?

  • What if you think of appointing two people as your lasting power of attorneys? Who decision will count?
  • How about their remuneration?
  • Any requirement for replacement attorney?

The difference between LPA for Property & Financial Matters and LPA for Health and Welfare? The main difference is that LPA Health and Welfare can only be used after you have lost the capacity for having related decisions.