At DM Financial Services, unlike others, choosing your life insurance with DM financial Services is very easy. Share your requirements, fill our online applications forms and we’ll bring you a wide range of suitable life insurance policies within your budgets.

How does life insurance work?

Do you know that a life insurance policy has to be “written in trust”? For the best interest of your beneficiary, have it written in the trust. In the absence, you will be putting the value into the probe and, the beneficiary has to pay inheritance tax. The whole behind Life Insurance — settling your debts and securing your loved ones after your death. Make sure, how your policy is set-up.

Do you have answers to these questions?

  • Who will pay the policy benefit, should you die during your policy terms?
  • Should you be diagnosed with a critical illness (check with your insurer) and you die, who will pay the amount you are covered for?
  • Do you know who will settle your balance for a mortgage if you die in between?

Do you know what you should check before buying a life insurance

  • What is the amount you are covered for?
  • What is going to be the nature of premiums?
  • Ensure that life assurance policy is in trust.
  • Whether or not policy chosen suits your conditions?
  • Make sure you are doing it enough for your family members even after you are gone.
  • How your changed circumstance affect premiums

Life insurance Vs. Life assurance

Before signing up, please check that you are not confusing life insurance with life assurance. There is small, but a key difference between these two. If it is assurance, it means only when you die and not if you die. It is a sort of investment. Whereas, life insurance means anything that can happen.