Private medical insurance (PMI) also known as health insurance or private health care insurance; becoming increasing popular these day. Be it we or our family members, we need immediate treatment for minor ailments that are curable and are short-term. Before you choose your PMI, you need to make sure that the more complex your make it, the higher premiums you will be paying for it.

Why do people choose PMI over NHS (National Health Services)?

  • Quick appointment and fast-track consultations
  • Private treatment in an NHS
  • Better facilities to the patients in the private hospital such as independent rooms, food of choice, and other up-to-date facilities.

Is it only for rich people?

No, not at all. Anyone can buy a private medical insurance as it is available at affordable prices unless you make it more comprehensive with the add-on.

What do I need to check before buying a health insurance?

Now this is very tricky part and extra care is highly requested before buying it.

  • You need to keep a closer check at what you will be paying
  • Ask for the hospital lists
  • What all patient fees will be covered
  • Watch out for the additional benefits
  • What all treatments are covered and what are excluded

What is the best way of making a claim?

Get yourself check with a GP first. See, if he refers you for further treatment. Should he suggest a treatment, seek your insurer. Once your insurer approves your claim; buy yourself a date for further medical treatment. Most of the time, policy owners fail to have a prior consultation and then come to know about the loopholes. At DM Financial Services, our experts have answers to all such queries.

Is this policy for individuals only?

No. You can buy it for the family as well. You can combine your individual medical policy with family cover.

What does a health insurance must cover?

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Day-patient treatments
  • In-patient treatments

Is it expensive?

The cost depends on upon three major factors

  • Level of cover
  • Personal circumstance
  • Policy Conditions