As the name implies, this covers your if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Should you need a cover, buying it with your life insurance is highly suggested. The core idea is – enjoying double benefits; you will be paid off you get seriously ill and after withdrawing claims, you still have life cover. You must ask your insurer about

  • What all illnesses are covered by this policy?
  • What all illnesses are excluded by this policy?
  • What would be combined premium of life insurance and critical illness insurance?
  • Whether or not your policy let you choose the time-frame?

Cover your children at no extra cost

Should you choose Life Insurance with Critical Illness Insurance, your children will be automatically included. The biggest benefit is – no need to worry about unpaid leaves, wage loss or additional expenses. For full details, please counter check your policy agreements.

Can I compare the prices

YES! You can compare the prices. Our team of professionals will ask you a few questions and based on your answers, we will explore our providers that have the best deal for you.

How much it costs?

The amount of premium depends on upon your personal conditions. It depends on upon your lifestyle; whether your smoke or not, what are your drinking habits etc.