Building and Content Insurance

Building insurance that covers your building’s structure and other fixtures & fittings. Under this insurance, the content of the house or building is not covered. In addition, everything you have inside your property or building is a content. To make it simpler, imagine your shake your house; everything that stays is building (wall, roof, doors) and whatever falls out is content. It is not at home only, but the items inside as well. Having a home insurance means you home + content and personal possession cover (optional). It covers your possessions against any sort of loss caused due to theft, fire, vandalism, damage caused because of oil or water, lightning, a tree falling, flood or other accidents.

In addition, if you are a landlord and renting your property, landlord insurance is a solution for you. Under this insurance, you can cover your building, content, landlord liability and loss of rent or alternate accommodation.

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Life Insurance

At DM Financial Services, unlike others, choosing your life insurance is very easy. Share your requirements, fill our online applications forms and we’ll bring you a wide range of suitable life insurance policies within your budgets.

Critical Illness Insurance

As the name implies, this covers your if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Should you need a cover, buying it with your life insurance is highly suggested. The core idea is – enjoying double benefits; you will be paid off you get seriously ill and after withdrawing claims, you still have life cover.

Health Insurance

Health insurance or private health care insurance; becoming increasing popular these day. Be it we or our family members, we need immediate treatment for minor ailments that are curable and are short-term. Before you choose your PMI, you need to make sure that the more complex your make it, the higher premiums you will be paying for it.