Not having a home insurance could be the worst possible thing you can do to your own house or building. Can you imagine what level of risk you are putting your home if your home insurance policy is nothing according to your needs? At DM Financial, our experts will suggest you the best home insurance that suits your budget and fulfill your needs.

What are the part of home insurance?

There are two main parts of a home insurance – building insurance and content insurance.

What is building insurance

This one is a part of home insurance and generally, people are asked to opt An insurance that covers your building’s structure and other fixtures & fittings. Under this insurance, the content of the house or building is not covered.

What is content insurance

Everything you have inside your property or building is a content. To make it simpler, imagine your shake your house; everything that stays is building (wall, roof, doors) and whatever falls out is content.

Why do I need a home insurance – building and content

It is not at home only, but the items inside as well. Having a home insurance means you home + content and personal possession cover (optional). It covers your possessions against any sort of loss caused due to theft, fire, vandalism, damage caused because of oil or water, lightning, a tree falling, flood or other accidents.

I am a tenant. What home insurance you need?

In this case, you need content insurance because your landlord must be having a building insurance. Even if you are leasing it, you need not worry about building insurance.

I am a landlord. What sort of insurance is best for me?

Landlord insurance is a solution for you. Under this insurance, you can cover your building, content, landlord liability and loss of rent or alternate accommodation.

What if I make no claims?

We will reduce the premium for renewal as per the best possible calculations.

How can I reduce the cost of home and contents insurance

  • By not making claims unless no option left
  • By making your home more secure; no infringement up to the extent possible
  • Consistent inspection of your security measures
  • Workout your voluntary excess. Higher the voluntary excess, lower your premiums

Are there any other optional covers?

  • Accidental damage cover
  • content cover for the items that are not in the home e.g, items you carry with you
  • Home emergency solution
  • Family legal guard

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