Commercial Mortgage and Commercial Remortgage

Commercial Mortgages are used to buy business premises or to purchase a current business completely. Getting a Commercial Mortgage depends on the capacity of your business to make the reimbursements. At DM Financial Services, we will find you a loan specialists, who will evaluate your business before citing you a financing cost. The financing cost you will be cited, you might found it on higher side if the guarantor distinguishes higher danger in the proposition. You may need to give a point by point marketable strategy which exhibits that you can make reimbursements, and an expert valuation will more often than not be required.

What all properties can be considered under Commercial Mortgage Scheme

  • Freehold public houses
  • Doctors Surgery
  • Offices
  • Convenience stores and retail units
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Land
  • HMO (houses in multiple occupancy)
  • Nursing homes
  • Industrial units
  • Clubs
  • Residential Care homes
  • Flats under one freehold title
  • Owner occupation

Our Fees

For commercial cases our fee is £399. For more information, please reach us through mail or phone. Our experts are available to sort all your queries; do take advantage of their expertise.