DMFS are your local mortgage advisor Edmonton with access to the whole market. Being local means we can come to you or you can meet us at our offices in Enfield without any hassle. We are also open late for your convenience.

The mortgage and insurance market has changed immensely over the last few years. DMFS can help sort through the maze of products and search for the best deal for you in your current circumstances. We offer advice from the whole of market including lender direct products. This means you don’t have to spend time walking up and down the high street or trawling the internet.

DMFS can also carry out a full review of your current financial situation if you already have a mortgage. The key elements of our review buy levothyroxine pills consist of:

  • We will compare the switching rate and standard variable rate offered by your current lender to products available from other lenders
  • Do you have an interest only mortgage and have no means to repay the capital at the end of term?
  • Will your mortgage be paid off in the event of your death or critical illness?
  • Are your mortgage payments protected against accident, sickness and unemployment?
  • Do you currently have buildings insurance in place?
  • Are you comfortable with your current level of debt and monthly payments?

These areas have been designed to make you think about your current financial and mortgage arrangements. Act now to see if savings can be made.

Please contact DMFS for a free no obligation consultation with a qualified advisor on 0800 110 5898.