Beginning contact

There are innumerable mortgages available in the market. How would you know which one is best for you, unless you are completely aware about the pros and cons of these. We have experts of the field and they will guide you to the best possible mortgage solution for your needs. We at DM Financial Services will offer you our expert advice after closely working on your circumstance and the goals. Only after a thorough examination, we will then give you a best decision.

You are free to choose the mode of your application - via telephone or through a meeting with an expert at our workplace.

Face to face meeting with a mortgage broker

First meeting may take anything up to one hour. In this meeting, out expert will generally ask your a few questions for having a clarification about how DM Financial Services can help you in the best possible way. After this initial meeting, we will then furnish you with our 'About us' and 'Customer Agreement' reports. After having a detailed analysis of your data (residency, financial situation and credit history), we will then decide the best mortgage lender for you. Should you have any credit related issues because of any past missed or late installments, we will ask you for a late credit report. Along with credit report, we suggest you to bring Identification documents like Passport, recent address proof like a Utility Bill issued on your name.

After all questions from our side, our expert will answer all your inquiries. In addition, the expert will give clarifications of home loan sorts, financing costs, the home loan process and the extra expenses of purchasing a home. The only purpose is to make sure that there are no curve balls as you continue through your application.

After the initial meeting

Based on the data provided, the allocated representative will then scrutinize the entire mortgage market for you. Once he arrives at most reasonable product that best meet your individual circumstances, he will advice you. Once you find it good to go, we will then organize a mortgage Agreement in Principle. Be worry free, your expert will supervise every part of your application and he will doing all questions and answers in respect to your application.